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...Because I believe in a happy ending, I believe in all of those good things, that as long as we work hard, life will be happy. Reading a novel and writing a novel, they're equally laborious, so I also hope you get the same happiness as I do.

-Priest, Author's note from "A tree of life (2010)"

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Priest/p大 (known in the fandom as pipi/皮皮 and sweet/甜甜) is a Chinese web novel author, actively writing since 2007, known for her diverse genre of works, well-developed worlds, multi-dimensional and human characters, strong plots, and lack of explicit content. She writes both BG and BL stories. Many have already been licensed for different adaptations.

Awards and Recognitions

  • 2019 30th Chinese Science Fiction Galaxy Awards - Best Original Book (Can Ci Pin)

  • 2019 Top Ten Best Searchlight Chinese Literature Books of 2019 (Can Ci Pin)

  • 2019 Jinjiang Literature City Annual Festival - Most Popular Author

  • 2018 Jinjiang Literature City Annual Festival - Most Popular Author

  • 2018 4th Chinese Original Fiction Awards - 2nd Most Popular Author, Most Popular Novel (Mo Du)

  • 2016年度小说风云大赏 - Best Author, Best Novel (You Fei)

  • 2016 Jinjiang Literature City - Most Valuable Author for IP Adaptation

  • Among many others...


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danmei novels

Due to recent developments, most of the fan translations have been put on private by the translators. Please visit their own blogs/sites/twitters for further updates.

official english translations available
fanmade english translations available

Short pieces

translations available in northwest flower's site

  • Ci Sha (Assassinate) | 2015 | short story | Arno, Lander | steampunk

  • Hei Se Fang Zhou (Black Ark)| 2013 | short story | paranormal

Other Novels

english translations available

Gen Novels (NO CP)

BG Novels

  • Wu Wuran, Wu Gonghai (No Pollution, No Public Nuisance) (Chai TL:Completed) | 2018 | Gan Qing, Yu Lanchuan | modern wuxia

  • You Fei (The Legend of Fei) (elentiya lae TL) (New Moon TL) (Hanguangjunes TL) (Wormie TL) (Enormous Sheep TL) | 2016 | Zhou Fei, Xie Yun | wuxia

  • Tuo Gui (Derailment) | 2014 | Jiang Xiaoyuan, Qi Lian | sci-fi

  • Da Ying Xiong Shi Dai (The Age of Heroes) | 2013 | Fu Luo, Yan Ning | sci-fi

  • Da Zhan Tuo Yan Zheng (War Against Procrastination) | 2012 | Ye Zilu, Yan Ke | modern fantasy

  • Zi Ben Jian Ke (Capital Swordsmen) | 2011 | Yang Xuan, Li Boyong | slice-of-life

  • Liu Guang Shi Wu Nian (Flow of Fifteen Years) | 2010 | Liu Rong, Hu Die, Chang Luyun, Liang Xue | slice-of-life

Short pieces

  • Gou (Dog) | 2014 | short story | crime, suspense

  • 21 Sui (21 Years Old) | 2010 | essay

  • Yi Qian Nian Yi Hou (A Thousand Years Later) | 2009 | short story

  • 月光灿烂丑小鸭 | 2009 | short story

  • Meng Ji (Dream Sacrifice) | 2008 | short story

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Guardian | Summer 2018 | Zhen Hun

Youtube (Eng Subs)

Official Weibo

guardian poster

Legend of Fei | Winter 2020-2021 | You Fei

Official Weibo


The Unbeatable | Jan 2021 | You Fei Prequel film

Official Weibo

midnight song

Word of Honor (Shan He Ling) | 2021 | Tian Ya Ke

Youku (Eng Subs)

Youtube (Eng Subs)

Official Weibo

liu yao

SHA PO LANG | 2021

Official Weibo

liu yao

Liu Yao | TBA

liu yao

Tuo gui | TBA

liu yao

zi ben jian ke | TBA

liu yao

Guardian: #52 YECHENG StREET | TBA | Zhen Hun derivative Film


Shan He Biao Li | TBA | Guardians of the Land

Official Weibo


Light the darkness | TBA | Mo du

Official Weibo

mo du

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The Defective | JUL 2021 | Can ci pin

Official Weibo | BILIBILI | Youtube | Funimation | Wakanim

the defective

Lie Huo Jiao Chou | Oct 2021

Official Weibo | Bilibili | Youtube | Funimation | Wakanim

Silent Reader | TBA | Mo Du

Official Weibo

mo du


Official Weibo


Lie Huo Jiao Chou | Oct 2021

Bilibili cn | Bilibili Eng (TBA)

Can Ci Pin | Jul 2022

Bilibili cn

Mo Du Zhe| TBA

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Audio drama

Sha po lang | 3 seasons | completed

Can ci pin | 4 Seasons | Completed

Mo Du | 5 Seasons | Completed

You Fei | 3 seasons| Completed

TIAN YA KE | Completed


LIU YAO | 2 Seasons | ONGOING

da ge | Ongoing


Audio books

Mo du

You Fei

Da Ge

Tian Ya Ke

Liu Yao


Official Foreign translations of priest's Novels

Zhen Hun


Korea | 진혼

Thailand | Guardian

Vietnam | trấn hồn


USA/CANADA | Guardian

Sha Po Lang

Vietnam | Sát Phá Lang

Korea | 살파랑

ThailanD | ฆ่าหมาป่า

USA/CANADA | Stars of Chaos

Mo Du

Korea | 묵독

Vietnam | đọc thầm

Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Korea | 열화요수

Liu Yao

Thailand | หลิวเหยา

Zui hou de Shou Wei


Da Ge

Vietnam | Đại Ca

Tian ya ke


Thailand | นักรบพเนจรสุดขอบฟ้า

Shou Cong Zhi Dao






Vietnam | Thất Gia

You Fei

Korea | 유비

Thailand | นางโจร

Can Ci Pin

KOREA | 잔차품



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Published books

Lie Huo Jiao Chou | 2021

Sha Po Lang | 2020

No Pollution, No Public Nuisance | 2019

Zhen Hun | 2019

The Age of Heroes | 2019

The Defective | 2018

Liu Yao | 2018

The Light in the Night | 2018

Brother | 2016

Derailment | 2016

Legend of Fei | 2016


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other carrd resources

Can ci pin

Guo men

Huai Dao


Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Liu yao

Mo Du

Qi Ye

Sha Po Lang

Shan He Biao Li

Shou Cong Zhi Dao

Tian ya ke

You Fei


Zhen Hun

ZHong Ji Lan Yin